Monday, June 28, 2010

New York, my hot, steaming friend!

Today morning I built in my air conditioner and turned it on, whcih is a huge thing for me because I am an AC-hater since I arrove in New York. But I just couldn’t think straight anymore. It’s been 33 degrees celsius since many days, and my room seems to be only a couple of degrees under that. I need to work in my room the whole day and I NEED to be COOLER for that. Here I am defending myself for being an environmental criminal!

Anyways. I enjoy being back in New York, even though the humid heat here creates the feeling of an alternate dimension, somehow it reminds me of being in India back in 2003, especially when the bad smells of NYC hit you like a dead squirrel thrown by an unwashed crazy man. But NYC in the summer, shit, it’ like in one of these uncountable songs where they sing….well, about NYC in the summer. I created a huge list of stuff I want to do, and I bet the heat will crush my plans most of the times. I really am a good transmitter for it. Yesterday evening somebody could have made a steak on my stomach (don’t get any crazy ideas!)

Free Concerts, D&D and the Dyke parade

So I’ll try to keep you updated about the fun things I do. My first REAL weekend in NY included going to a free concert in Prospect Park held by Kid Koala on an open air space. Beautiful, nice and free. I inline-skated there and back home, and I danced my ass of in the VIP area to which I viciously gained access too (well, I asked friendly…). Next day, I had a nice D&D game with friends and ran into the Lesbian Parade (called the “Dyke March”) with a lot of nice, joyful lesbians. I was so carried away that I even screamed at a religious Jesus fanatic who passed by and said “God hates Lesbians”. I think the SCREW YOU I threw in his face will not change his opinion. But it felt good!

I am working on various little projects for work right now, so I have stuff to do! Actually, quite a lot. And when school starts again I will most likely disappear from the surface of earth a bit, but I will try to limit that as best as possible. Thanks for listening. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for my latest trheadless design if you haven’t already done so.

Look at me, being all sporty with my nerdy protection-pads.

The "Celebrate Brooklyn" free concerts take place all summer...
Here I enjoy my 4$ scoops of Maple syrup+ Bacon icecream. yes, BACON!!!
Kid Koala performs, I loved it, sort of drum and basy rock DJ stuff, and he is a graphic novelist.
Melissa and I looking all serious for the Dyke parade, which we run into after playing D&D.
The Hymne of America with new lyrics.
More Dyke March action!
These girls blocked traffic. It said "TWAT team" on their shirts.

Below is one of my favorite pieces in the "HP Lovecraft exhibition" which I visited with Tim at the weekend at the Observatory. This piece is by Fufu Frauenwahl.


Aaron said...

Where are your nerdy knee and elbow protectors??

Queen Mob said...

After riding for the forth time I felt I didn't need them anymore. :-D