Sunday, November 21, 2010

The things I did in NY last week

While New York drowns in beautiful autumn colors, time passes by so quickly that I feel like the adventurer riding a time machine in Orson Welles same-named story. I am still not ready to present my first capstone piece, but soon, I promise.

Some things I did over the last weeks: Last weekend I went to the Amber Theater Experience with Evelyn. Situated in Brooklyn, th Yes Theater, I decided to go for the full package and got a 3-course meal while being entertained by artists – belly dancers, acrobats and musicians. Every penny I paid for this was worth it. Great music, very good food, beautiful decoration and very pretty and talented artists.

The last two Fridays I finally got to play some RPGs again. We gathered the craziest people we could (Melissa, Cary, Brandon, Evelyn and later Jason and Dan). The game was RISUS, an indie game which is all about silliness and stunts and good fun. And that it was, that is all I can say.
(Below: Melissa, Evelyn and Cary in a dramatic scene involving a dying, talking box....)
(Below: The second session, fltr: Brandon, me, Melissa, Daniel, Jason)

Guess who visited me in NY? Nobody else but Timothy Bieler, who I haven't seen in about 6 years. We know from Graz and I visited him in INdia in 2003. Since he is the lonesome traveler kind of type, we haven't seen in forever. SOme people might even remember a certain comic I made about him.... :-)
(Below: Walk in Prospect Park after a nice meal - Lynn, Timothy, me)

Artwise, I still do my weekly illustration for G7, the weekly newspaper published in Graz. I like this job, it’s good fun, and I get another writer’s text every week. Sometimes it’s hard to react accordingly on some text – some of them a pretty lose, very subjective have no classic, narrative structure and represent the very typical way of Austrian writing. But I see it as a challenge.


Ally said...

Nice to read an update again! Sometimes we have to guess how you're doing from the subject of your latest shirt design! LOL


Queen Mob said...

haha, nice one Almud :-D