Saturday, December 04, 2010

Art art art.

Every Tuesday I have a class called "Illustration Specialization". We had three different teachers during the last four months. I have barely put any work up here because I felt a bit shy about it, mainly because I experiemented a lot in those classes. I decided to put some stuff up, especially because our last class will take place next week.

Our first teacher was illustrator Wendy Popp. I already posted those illustration, but just as a reminder, I will do it again - in her class I experimented with illustrations for my children's book.

I started out with thumbnails:

Then I proceeded to the illustrations (sketch phase is left out here) As you can see, I usually change quite a bit from thumbnail to finish, but the basics are the same:

After Wendy, we had Graphic Novelist Peter Kuper.
This is my take on the Jabberwaky in his class.

And for the last couple of classes we had Katherine Streeter who makes beautiful collage illustration/mixed media. In her class, I did this piece about the Natural Museum of History - and the joy of the dinosaurs there! :-)
It starts out as a rough thumbnail.....
The sketch phase took about 3-4 hours.
Inking it took a bit, about 2 hours.

This is the first colored, but possibly not the final version.


Klee said...

Experimente sind doch super! Bitte meeeehr :D

Sandra Brandstätter said...

interessant den Prozess zu sehen. Schöne Illus, ich mag die mit der Drachentöterin recht gerne.

Queen Mob said...

Danke ihr beiden!