Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comic Festival and doodeling!

Last weekend I visited the Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Festival with my friend Tim.
Various small publishers and artists exhibited their crafty products, their mini-comics and shirts, their art prints and more. It was a joy to look at all the hand-made stuff and I was amazed on how well-visited the festival was (ok, it was in a tiny room). At 1pm comic creators Charles Burns and Lynda Barry had a podium discussion together. It was a joy to listen to them, especially Lynda stole the whole show – she made the audience laugh more than once and admitted her crush on Charles Burns when they went to Highschool together. One of my favorite quotes from her was something like “My publisher said: Go home, have a hot bath and a beer and don’t come back for three days – until now, I think this advice can be applied to almost any situation.”
I also really appreciated her saying:”There are more girls in comics now. Girls with balls. I like girls with balls.” So do I, Lynda…so do I.

Below: I get an original drawing by the awesome Kate Beaton! She is a model for me in terms of using web 2.0 for self promotion.
Tim talks to Charles Burns and aks him about a recent publication.
(Very small in the background) Lynda Barry and Charles Burns talk about their work and friendship.

I made this drawing of Lynda and Charles when they were on stage….

Ok, here is a secret: I haven’t really drawin into a sketchbook for over a year now. You may think “What does she mean= She draws all the time.” Well, that is right, but all drawings I do are for my jobs, for school or for other people in general. I haven’t done the whole “just for fun” sketchbook thingy in forever. What really motivated me was listening to Lynda Barry’s playful approach to drawing, but also people like Kate Beaton with her cute and awesome characters, cartoons like Adventure Time and my classes with teachers like Melanie Reim, Wendy Popp, Peter Kuper and Katherine Streeter: All those things motivate me. To draw for fun, to draw draw draw and not think too much. So I hope I will stick to that and do it more often. Here are some of my first results….
This is probably one of my favorite RPG characters as a kid - Jacop Tucher, mage at age 6.

This I call "Geeky kids doing geeky stuff"
"I farted"
This is part 01 of my series "Sexually aroused objects" and is pending for approval at threadless.

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