Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shirts, capstones and other projects!

Have been a little bad about blog updates. Well, but I have been working on some stuff. I know most of you are updated on the new shirt designs I produce, but here are some news anyway. J!NX just printed one of my favorites, “Gimme some sugar”, unfortunately only on men’s shirts, but I guess their buyers are mostly male. I plan to send Bruce Campbell one of them and id I’m lucky, I can get him to take a picture with it.

Here are some other designs I recently worked on, plus some of the production progress. One of my favorites must be the collaboration did with Becky for the design “Revenge of the Damsels” – a month ago, I wrote her an e-mail saying “Hey, I want to make this design where all the fairy tale damsels clash with their enemies in an epic battle, but I don’t know how to draw this”. So she agreed to collab with me and once I had the composition sketch for her, she was super quick in sending me this awesome line-art drawing. I did most of the coloring, and volia, the design was done.
Two other designs I did were “Counting Sheep” and “The Ueberpirate”, both of which are done with scoring. See documentation for the progress below.

I also want to show you some of the pieces I am doing for my final project, the capstone. Again, it’s a children’s book with the written word by Jason Ellis – friend, and genius writer. It will be the story about a young scribe experiencing an adventure in a piraty-fantasy city! YAY! I won’t post a documentation here because it’s far too much work – but enjoy two of my finished pieces.

Last but not least, I am involved in a project honoring the comic book Transmetropolitan. From the publisher:"It’s been eight years since the cyberpunk/political series ended it’s run at Vertigo Comics. To mark the occasion, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has teamed up with the book’s creators to produce a hardcover charity art book, limited to a few thousand hand-numbered copies." Becky and I are contributing to this great project - both of us grew up with the comic. A little sneak peak can be seen here, in this article about the project.
Below is a detail shot of my piece.


Felix said...

Fantastic post!
Still love the ueberpirate :). The last picture looks great too. We have ordered a whole bunch of shirts from Threadless recently including the shirts from you which are available there so looking forward to them arriving.

Big cuddle,


Queen Mob said...

Thanks Felix!!!
You totally have to send me pics of you wearing the shirts!!!

lowra said...

anna maria, you are incredible! I am always amazed by your mad skills!