Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poo poo brain

Do you know the feeling, when you don’t want to draw? I mean you artist people, who make their money with this – do you know those times where a pencil weights a ton and the empty paper shines brighter than the moon into your eyes, and every line you make seems to be out of a horrible, Lovecraftian dimension? We all know it, I assume. So it’s nothing to whine about – but I wanted to share it, because it makes me feel better. Please feel free to comment your experience with “Artist’s block”, or as I call it, “poo-poo brain”.

South Park Fan Art

Nonetheless, I have some new art to present. I made a piece for the South Park Fan Art competition, just because I am a big fan and I wanted to do something that does not have anything to do with job, shirts or school. The real hard part was to choose the topic, theme - my favorite episode or moment. I decided to choose the "Gingers kids" episode, because it is very memorable to me. I made s little documentation here, even though it does not show how often I erased and how often I started over again. Again, I am having a poo-poo brain right now, so that should explain everything.

I started with a thumbnail, which in this case turned out to be very sloppy, but it gave me a good idea of the framing ant the composition (nothing else though, haha!).

After several failed sketches I managed to do this sketch. I was remotely satisfied with it and made the inking, in which I corrected a lot of the mistakes I made in the pencil phase.

After scanned in, I corrected a lot of mistakes I made in the inking stage. Lots of mistake correcting, I tell you.
And in case you are interested in what a control freak I am in Photoshop, look at this picture and the sheer amount of layers. God, how I love layers.

Panthoen Press Illustrations

For my good friends Rob and Jason, who are the founders of Pantheon Press, a little Indie RPG publisher, I made 7 b/w illustrations for their upcoming campaign (I think it will be published in June). This was a very interesting job, because I had to work in black and white and I am actually totally used to color. B/W is really not easy for me, because the lines and the surfaces of the illustration have to be defined much more carefully. Anyway, I am satisfied with the results - here is an excerpt:

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