Monday, June 06, 2011

A tiny update

Holy shit. It’s really over. My thesis is submitted to the libary, my capstone is hung up at the gallery at FIT. I am done with school. I am done with studying. This is an amazing feeling. And another year in New York awaits me. After that, we shall see what comes.

I am not working on so many shits right now. One reason is, that the comic project I am doing with my friend Becky is simply a bit more fun right now. We have also taken another collaborator on board, Daniel, who will most likely help us with writing the whole thing. So for this times update, I’d like to show you some more concept art for the comic.

Below: A monument concept scribble for our cizy.
Below: Becky drew this amazing picture, I colored it.
Below: A concept sketch of one of the main characters.

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