Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pattern Design for Threadless

The lack of update is obviously because my attention was drawn away by Schnitzel and yummy dark bread over the past three weeks. I was in Austria to visit family and friends, and while it was nice, I have not much to tell about it besides that I run around nearly every day to meet friends, ate tons of meat and finally played with my beloved RPG group again.

For the Threadless loves Pattern
challenge, I submitted a design today. The title is “Dinaur Hugs” and speaks for itself. It was an interesting project because I tried a tutorial I found on the blog Design Sponge, in which the secret of making seedless patterns was explained. Here are the steps I took:

1. I drew a bunch of dinos hugging, without touching the edge of the paper. 2. I split it in half, exchanged the two halves and put them to the opposite side of the page. 3. I split them again, and repeated the process. 4. I then filled in the middle part, and voila: I had a design which was repeatable. I used Photoshop -> Filter -> Others -> Offset to correct mistakes and to see if it was really repeatable. 5. When I colored it, I took some Dinos out and corrected the lineart.

Vote for it here once it's up:
Dinosaur Hug - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


Klee said...

Coole Sache, ich kannte die Pattern-Technik bisher nicht (und süße Dinos <3)

queenmob said...

Ich fand das auch grad erst raus, muss aber damit noch experimentieren. Ist wirklich eine coole Technik....

Frau Kirschvogel said...

Cooool! That spells Geschenkpapierdesigndesastergalore!