Friday, September 16, 2011

Chicago Threadless meetup

Last weekend I was at the Threadless meetup in Chicago. Threadless has an annual meetup at their headquarters there. People from all around the country – and the world – come over, enjoy free stuff and listen to lectures about t-related stuff. Form e it was an opportunity to finally meet a lot of the people I have only met online so far. I found out that all of them are super nice and some collaboration will come out of this meetup.
(Below: This is Evan, one of the most active bloggers at Threadless. I made a lot of photos like that...this is at the Threadless party in the evening)
(Group shot: It's me, Aaron (randyotter), Alexmc, Alvaro, fatheed, - sorry, don't know the username of the rest.... :-()
(Paparazzi shot with Buko from Mazedonien, printed a lot of times at Threadless)
(this is Jeremy (L-M-N-O-P at Threadless)- he is like 20 years old and already printed 2 times at Threadless. You go!)
(Alica aka silverqe is talking about her stuff. She is awesoem and printed liek 100000 tim

I also had the chance to see Chicago downtown by myself. I really liked it: The skyscrapers are impressive, the sculptures and architecture too – I like that even though there are highways everywhere, there are still enough safe zones for pedestrians. The museum campus is amazing – the field museum, aquarium and planetarium are all spread over a nice, green area for mainly pedestrians, with a beautiful view at the Chicago skyline. After seeing the planetarium, I rented a bike for an hour and drove around at the shore. Oh, how I have missed comfy bicycling by myself.

Did I mention how much I enjoyed the clean, roommate-less hotel room???!!!

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Aaron said...

Chicago is just awesome! Right? :)