Sunday, October 23, 2011

Firefly shirt at teefury today (OCT 23rd)

Don't miss out on my Firefly/Peanuts crossover at teefury today - and if you go to jung-shirts you have the chance to win a Threadless shirt :-D


Kelley said...

Clever! The drawing of River made me laugh. :)

Titus Proxima and Valhalla said...

Wash, you're so darn adorable with your dinosaurs! I MUST have this shirt, I must. I will do near anything to obtain it!!!!!

P.S shame that you can't make it to the London Comic Con, mighty blogger!

Titus Proxima and Valhalla said...

I so want this. Wash, I love you and your dinosaurs!! D:

You know, I saw this post the other day and I thought "I must have that shirt", went to buy it yesterday and discovered that this shirt was only on sale for one day /sob. Totally bummed. However, it's a really AWESOME shirt. :D

queenmob said...

Thanks for all your positive feedback - you can actually buy a shirt in my spreadshirt shop (I kept all the rights to it). Here: