Monday, October 17, 2011

NYC Comiccon and my geekiest moments

New York Comic Con is insane! Visited by around 100 000 people it is smaller than San Diego, but it's still insane. I really enjoyed it last year (and was even able to make some contacts).
My favorite moments of this year's comic con and observations where:

One of my favorite cartoon shows "Adventure Time" is huge. They were present everywhere, had free stuff, posters, where official sponsors and a very high % of cos-players where dressed up as Fin and Jake, and Fiona (the female version of Fin).

Nerds are crazy! I was at two panels where weird people asked weird questions which made everybody feel uncomfortable in the room. These are moments where I don't believe in freedom of speech.

Fantasy is huge again - there was a panel about this in which it was pointed out that low fantasy is on the rise (especially thanks for Game of Thrones).
(Below: This Mister T was a little chubby, but he did a great job, My killer rabbit couldn't harm him)
(Below: This R2D2 was the star of comic con. Accompanied by two little children in Jedi costumes, it was an adorable-bomb on the visitors of the con)
(Patrick and Terry wit wonder wo-man)
(Jeff Smith, creator of Bones talks about his history with his creation)
The Conan panel was one of my personal highlights - not only do I have a pathetic geek crush on Jason Momoa, the panel was also hilariously funny. All three of them - (from elf to right) Steven Lang, Rose McGowan (who we know as Page from Charmed) and Jason Momoa (who is also Kahl Drogo in Game of Thrones) were smart, funny and interesting and answered the questions of the audience humorous and interesting. My favorite answers were some of the following:

The three actors were asked which role they would like to play in a movie (their dream role) - Rose McGowan answered exactly what I would have answered - that she would like to play the boys in movies because they have always more fun than the girls. "I'D like to be Batman, Spiderman or Superman - but the problem is, they are all "mans".
When Jason Momoa was asked which of his characters he would like to have dinner with he said:" NOT Kahl Drogo....he is mean. [...] He would probably just bend me over." (which is a joke based on the fact that Kahl Drogo tends to ahve a lot of anal sex with his wife in Game of Thrones). My other favorite answer by him was a reply to what was the greatest physical challenge he faced - his reply, without hesitation: "Horse-riding. I hate motherfucking horses - those bastards don't want me on their back. And this comes from the horse lord..haha."

All of the were very disappointed that the movie didn't do well. I saw it in the movie theaters and actually enjoyed it a lot. I even recommend it. I think it deserves a far better score than it got at imbd.

(Below, the main characters of the Conan movie)

(Star Troopers save me from the rabbit. My first day at the con involved cosplaying)
(It's Mark Hamilton!)
(Tata. My big, pathetic geek moment of the con. I purchased a photo opportunity with Jason Momoa. He makes me blush. I can't help it. I had to do it. I look like such a dork)
(Terry and Michelle in a Star Wars Toy box)


Thomas Nickel said...

You don´t look like a dork next to Jason/Conan - I think the proper adjective here would be "adorkable".
btw, I also liked the new Conan-movie quite a bit and did my best to recommend it to others...

Titus Proxima and Valhalla said...

You're so lucky you got to go to comic con! Over here, we don't get much like that. It looks like you had a lot of fun (and I am totally jealous of you getting your picture with the Khal himself!).

Those cosplays were pretty well done too. I never got to see the new Conan, I wanted to as it looked very good. Of course, to me, the old 1980's one will always be the best (so bad it was good, y'know?).

Just if you're interested, George R R Martin is due in London over here in the UK next April. He's coming the the fantasy con or something in Olympia.

I'm glad I found your blog, it's wicked!

queenmob said...

Thanks for the comments you guys!
Titus, unfortunately I won't be able to make it to London :-(