Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Off to the west-coast

I am very excited to announce that I will be leaving for Portland, OR today to give a lecture at the University of Portland (see the event
I will be talking about my comic "Xoth" which I did in 2008 to a group of German students.

At Friday I will carry on to San Francisco to attend the Massive Black Ink art workshop (4 days full of workshops!). I will post a detailed report once I'm back :-D


Bubba Kev said...

Awesome! I was in the first comic book class Dr. McLary offered and I thought it was fantastic! I think comic books are a great medium for learning another language... & they're just plain awesome. Xoth! Die unaussprechliche Stadt was hilarious. We definitely talked a little one day about all the colorful language Jacop and other characters used throughout and what those words meant. Good times, Hah.. That's cool they're bringing you here. Portland has a good comic-scene. I do have trouble finding anywhere that sells good foreign graphic novels though. Powells is probably the best bet for anyone interested (not to give away my secrets)xD

queenmob said...

Thanks Bubba I am glad you liked the comic! Can't wait to give my talk today! All the best to you!