Sunday, November 20, 2011

Portland, OR

I finally managed to catch a quiet moment in the hostel I am staying in in San Francisco - close to busy, touristy Union Square. Here is a short report on my stay in Portland;

Well, it was fantastic. As some of you may know I went there by invitation of Laurie, a professor for German at the University of Portland. She had read my comic ("Xoth") a couple of years ago and is highly interested in comics made in Austria. I was more than humbled to stay in a beautiful guest room at the university for three nights and give a lecture to her German students about my work.
(Photo: Laurie's German class asked me German questions to practice)
(Occupy Portland!)
(The students are listening..... to ME!)
(I told the students about how Deix and Harderer shaped my humor. It was hard finding an example picture that wasn't completely offensive to a larger crowd)

What can I say, it went great. I love preparing lectures and put together a 70-slides all pictures presentation about my work, my inspiration, my comic and about Lovecraft. I felt like such a smart ass and the students really seemed to enjoy it and had a good laugh. They even asked plenty of questions in the end. The feedback was really good too.

(The students, me, Laurie and her daughter for a yummy dinner at her house)

The following days I was invited to talk in German to her class and later on we had a fantastic dinner at her house with some students and her family. I didn't see much of the city, just plenty pf bridges, rain, fog and I had a lot of bus-misadventures. I saw some occupiers and had a tiny doughnut at Voodoo Doughnut.

I arrived well in San Francisco for the Massive Black Ink concept workshop and have been going there for the last 2 days. I will write a detailed report on that shortly - haven't seen much of the city yet, except countless homeless people and the horrible bus system. More later.

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