Saturday, March 03, 2012

Art and Stuff

A lot has been happening in my artist life at the moment. Let’s start from the beginning:

What would I do without them. Let me just say that I probably wouldn't be where I am right now without having invested so much time into designing shirts - it's been about 2 1/2 years since I designed my first shirt - Godzilla loves Mayhem (maybe some of you remember).

For a year nothing was printed (and I submitted well over 30 designs at Threadless). Since my first print in August 2009 and now I had about 30 shirt printed all over the internet – I have 5 shirts coming up for print. Nothing is really happening at Threadless for me at the moment, instead it's all happening on other shirt pages - Woot, Teefury, shirtpunch and la fraise will all have a shirt coming up from me in the close future. See a tiny sneak peek below:

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Comic Project
My gigantic, crazy collaboration with my friends Dan (writer) and Becky (inker) is moving on, and it's looking fantastic. We are moving slowly, but we are moving on safe ground. We have found a good work routine and we know where this comic is going (at least I think we know). There is a good chance that we will present part of the comic and this year's MOCCA comic festival. We are also working on setting up a website/blog for this comic. Stay tuned.

Work Life

Next to shirts and passion projects, I am also doing various small jobs. There is one big job I don't want to talk about yet until it's absolutely sure it's happening, but if it is, I'll be working on it for half a year. The other interesting job I am alsmost finished with are cards for i-pod card game called "Jak and Poi" - the cards I have to draw are super fun and nerdy, and I am sure the game will be great fun when it's finished.

And there is more. I shall try to update more often.... :-)


SonRisEvA said...

big job? sounds promising! :-)

Lady Meerkat said...

I've just started out on Threadless and been a bit disheartened by the voting system there. I'm sure my art deserves better than a 1 yet so many 1s always bring my average down. Seeing how many designs you submitted before you got printed suggests to me that my energy is better directed at creating works in themselves and perhaps adapting them to Threadless rather than designing specifically ie Design Challenges.