Friday, July 27, 2012

I love the internet....

After a big move from the USA to Austria, I have been a little silent. Nevertheless, a lot of awesome things have been happening over the past weeks. Some of my work had amazing response on reddit, deviantart and tumblr; A webcomic I made in cooperation with was on the front page of reddit (and on cheezburger!) - my collaboration with Rebekie B. made it on tumblr's radar. One of my older shirts made it on the daily deviation on deviantart. So plenty of awesome internet fame, yay! Additionally, three of my shirts at Threadless have been reprinted - and, oh yes, I have 5 new shirts coming up on various shirt sites. To stay updated about that, become a fan of my fanpage.

Below see the 3 shirt that just got reprinted, my D&D homage  "Dungeon Crawlers", my Totoro homage "The Friendly Spirit" and "Pop Culture Clash".

There is also a brand new shirt out there at Threadless, "Lawn of the Dead" based on an idea by my friend Evelyn.
There is plenty of new shirts coming up at Teefury, La Fraise and Woot - so stay tuned and get ready for awesomeness. In the meantime, check out on of my biggest none shirt related projects, my graphic novel collaboration "The Pepperchronicles".

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