Tuesday, July 04, 2017

After the Comiccon Stuttgart

The Comiccon in Stuttgart was amazing. I was very excited about it – I had to prepare a presentation as well as a reading of “The Pepper-Chronicles” to be presented on stage. I was also very anxious about the printed version of our comic – would the colors look good? That is usually my biggest concern. (Pssst: You can order copies HERE at Kwimbi!)

After a very turbulent flight, I saw it for the first time: Stefan Dinter from Zwerchfell publishing expected me at the airport and gave me the very first copy of the German edition of “Die Pfeffer-Chroniken". In my hotel room, I had the time to slowly go trough it. It looked like the the colors came out great – as well as the beautiful cover with gold-foil for the title font. 

The rest of the con was a beautiful mix of meeting great people – a lot of other talented cartoonists and fans. All of them were so nice and encouraging. It is very draining to sign all day at a very bus con like this, so nice people help a great deal! :D 

A lot of people came over and bought “Die Pfeffer-Chroniken”. The amazing Eve from the organization “Comic Solidarity” organized a number of presentations for artists on stage, which enabled me to talk about the graphic novel and go a bit deeper into the making-of. The reading went very well: Members of Zwerchfell publishing (Christopher Tauber and Jan Dinter) helped me to read all the different characters, and it went smooth as a clockwork.I also want to point out the the whole con was well-organized, especially the "Comiczone", which was full of artists, publishers and events. 

(Below: Author Haiko Hörnig picks up his copy of Pfeffer-Chroniken)

I want to thank everybody who helped out. The organizers, my editor Christopher, the translator Jan, layouter Stefan, all the Indiegogo backers, anybody who came over and bought it – or even just looked at it and had some nice things to say, and last but not least: My amazing project collaborators Rebekie Bennington and Daniel Scribner who did AMAZING work. 

Next: Getting this thing published in English!!!! Stay tuned via Pepperchronicles on Facebook.

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