Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Autumn looks great!

New York Marathon

On sunday one of the biggest marathons in the world took place. 26 miles trough five neigbhorhoods. I followed the last 2 miles in the central park and took some pictures. It was a beautiful day and a really nice mood: people were cheering a lot, even for people they didnt know. The central Park looks so great right now, when autumn is coming. After watching a part of the marathon, I went to the Jewish musem to look at an great comic exhibition that takes place there right now.

Autumn looks great in NY!

Brooklyn Museum
On Saturday I found out, that the Brooklyn museum is only 15 minutes walk from where I live. And on Saturday it was open until 11 pm, and a party was going on there. So I met some people from the nerdboard and looked at some nice ar. This were some pictures that fascinated me:
i dont know who did that....

Also this one i dont know.

I took two pictures of this painting (yes its a painting!!!) and missed the middle part. Anyway, this is from Randy Dudley (1986).


Aaron said...

Hey, verdammt das könnte der Stadtpark sein (nur etwas kleiner...)! Voll schöne Bilder!

Tobi said...

der central park is vieeeeeeeeeeeeel größer als der stadtpark

Felix said...

eutum = autumn

Fotos schaun schen aus :)

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

i dont know what youre talking about....thehehehe :P

Almud said...

also i hab von juli fotos, wo der central park ziemlich unter wasser steht. da gfallen mir deine fotos besser ;-)

Saraswati said...

Hi Anschgale!

Wie gehts da denn?
Scheint soweit ganz gut bei diesen schönen Bildern. In wien is net so schön
Heut is wieder mal Demo und keiner geht hin, hihi

Bussal Eva

Thomas said...

der Herbst in Graz is ah schön...

LG Thomas

Arale Norimaki said...

Beautiful fotos!!
Greaaaaaaaat hug from tropical galicia!!!