Wednesday, November 15, 2006

relaxed weekend + parade

Hi there everyone...soon...soon my time here is over. And I REALLY would like to stay longer. But if I do, immigration will get me! I could flee to Canada or Mexico for a couple of weeks and them come back. Do you think that would work...thehehehe. No, honestly - I could stay here at least 6 more months. 3 months is just not enough. The nice thing is, I experienced a very nice time of the year. Not too hot and not to cold with a lot of things going on. And I really get along with the people in my flat. They all rock, and ill miss them.

a weekend surrounded by doggies.

I spend the last weekend at Becky's family's house in Chesnutridge, a place in the middle of nowhere. It was my first relaxed weekend. We spend the whole time eating good food, cooked by her brasilian grandmother and watching cartoons on a gigantic TV-screen. In the morning I was woken up by her four dogs, playing on my bed. Poor Becky got ill on Sunday, so we just stayed in bed and watched Firefly and Spongebob.

Those are the four royal doggies of Becky and her family.

He made a lot of funny noises. And look at those wrinkels on his forehead!!!

Thats life, man: Pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

yay, parade
On saturday, I once more stumbeld over a parade on 5th ave. This time it was the Veteran's Day Parade.

A Monday GURPS game (only for nerds)

Every monday im participating in a GURPS-infinite Worlds game. I play a small japanese guy who can turn into shadow and create ninja-shadow weapons. GURPS is a game with a lot of factors which have to be considered during the game - that why it runs quite slowly. We had a good time tough last monday, we fought a priest of the spanish inqisition (NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION WHEN IT COMES!!!...for the monty python fans here...hehe) in a paralell universe who turned out to be an evil wizzard. Anyway. Im f**king addicted to RPG.


@nnina said...

Spongebob in dänischer Sprache ist ein echtes Erlebnis ;)

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

Hihihi..... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...hääähhh?? WHO???

Sal said...

Blimey, almost at the end of your stay in NY?! Where does the time go??