Thursday, November 02, 2006


Wow! Today, because im in the mood and because I more and more start thinking and dreaming in English, this post will be therefor in English.

I celebrated Halloween with Spyder, she draws comics herself and worked in ym favorite Comicbookstore in New York. We met at her place, ate, drunk a couple of shots of Wiskey and dressed up. I was a Pirate-Nacho-Libre-Wrestler....Arrrrr! And she was...hmm...a demon of some sort. You have no idea wath that is...neither do I.

In the center of Manhatten, they celebrate Halloween like Maniacs! There is a huge parade every year, and if youre not there early, you have no chance of seeing anything. Well, we were late, and we didnt see anything of the parade, but a lot lot lot of costumized people. It was amazing. Really. The Fasching is nix dagegen. Arrrrrrhhhh!

Later on, at the Corner of Union Square, we had the bestest Schokokuchen (with Limettenfüllung) in the whole wide world. On Unionsquare there was a lot of music going on. Live Drums, Trumpets and a lot of people dancing. the weather was perfect - not too could, so all the girlies were able to run around in there bitchy ;-) short costumes (uuhm..I think most of them werent even dressed up).


Felix said...

go for the bitchy costumes ;D

Aaron said...

These are really nice pictures! I like the Playboy Bunnies!
But what I like more, because it's a great picture, is the one with the girl and the wings... make it b/w and you got a pretty nice picture...

su said...

hi angi!
schaut ja echt nach einer sehr netten party aus! der typ ganz unten in deiner collage hat eine bemerkenswerte ähnlichkeit mit billy von six feet under, find ich..; lustige transen... laufen da so viele herum, oder war das deine selektion ?


Queen Anarchy Mob said...

there are enough bitchy girlies running around in new york to cover the whole world with them.
youre probably right, but i try to avoid black and white because picture very fast tend to look artistic - thats too easy! I want them to look good in color already ;-) and there were so many colors on halloween!
vielleicht wars ja der billy, hier in ny weiß man ja nie...hihi *zurückquetschumarmung*

Tobi said...

hellowiin is scheisse. sowas brauch ma net bei uns :D

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

:-D hahaaaaaa hihihi du haust mich um...und außerdem bist du bled, das hast du selsbt zugegeben...hihi