Saturday, November 25, 2006

Die, Turkey, Die

Becky invited me over to her place in Chesnutridge for thanksgiving. Her family welcomed me as one of their one, they even wanted to keep me. but they already have four dogs, ebough to care about ;-)

There was SO MUCH food. SO MUCH food. Did I mention the food? It was alot! Turkey, sweet, mashed potatoes, rice, spargel, sauce, salad, Mozarella, Springrolls, Ödävres (hihi), cakes, cookies, pumpkin cake, apple pie, limette-something (THIS was the best), wine, Wiskey.... I wanna officially thank beckys family, that they have fed me so well.

Beckys Mum, moi, Becky.

Beckys Fish!!!

Coney Island
On this wonderful sunny Saturday I visited Coney island, a 30 minutes subway ride from where I live. The fun fair was closed already, its only open spring and summer. Everythin was clsed there - but it still was a wonderful little walk at the beach.
Shoot the freak.


Hmm...swimming in about 6 degree water.

Birdy catched himself a gigantic shell.

Arrrrr....a real captain needs his sunburn!

Closed for today....and the rest of the year....

Soundportal # 2
Listen to this guy singing!!!

Soundportal # 3
Listen to THIS trio on the subway.


Tobi said...

der dreggige tuttlhahn is tototot!! hahaha! labt euch an dem fleisch!

Anonymous said...

Wie hab ich das verdient: 2 total verrückte Abkömmlinge zu haben ... muss wohl auch eine Portion Wahnsinn in mir selbst stecken ... Ödävres (hihi) - das war lieb! Liebe Anna-Maria, BITTE behalte diesen BLOG und deine herrlichen Kommentare dazu, du hast so einen wunderbaren Humor!! Rabenschwarz und doch fein ;)) Bis bald, El Mugi

Anonymous said...

hey your "stuff I drew on the subway" drawings are truly wonderful! luv them!
have a nice day!

Queen Anarchy Mob said...

thanks "anonymous" :-)