Wednesday, May 23, 2007

almost done.

Damn you people who never comment on my blog! Youll all burn in hell for this...MUHHAHAHAHA!
The DA is printed. Everything went ok. It cost me a fortune, but its done. It looks good inside. The quality of the pics inside is good. Now I hhave to start LEARNING for the BIG TEST!!!! I hate learning...I HATTTEE IT!!!

Yesterday the fucking construction work got really noisy again. My aggression level is very high.
You wont believe what happened: just like in a bad movie, they got trough our wall from the other side while boring.....look, this is the proof. I have this strange feeling, like I want to STRANGLE every singe construction workers!!! Kill Kill Kill.....

1 comment:

Spyder said...

I want to seeee it!
I bet its awesome and lovely! If you have extra copies you should send one to me since you never responded to my letter (yeah, fine. working on your thesis. like THATS an excuse!) And soooon, soooon you will come back to this great city and I will finally have someone to do things with! (why is everyone here so lame?)

Hurry up!