Friday, May 11, 2007

My Lovercraft is full of eels

Damn, my friends want to kill me! Im so Lovecraft-iated, im getting everybody "on their nerves" by shareing all the information with them agains their will! I know so much about Lovecraft now, I want to tell you more about what the hell im talking about.

Lovecraft wrote Horrorstories in between 1893 and 1937. His stories were fucked up. They were all about ungly, stinky creatures with tentacles and a lot of eyes. He influenced the media-landscape with these stories until today. The last couple of weekends I even played a Lovecraft-Boardgame called "Arkham Horror".
On the left you see Peter who is in a position of desperation, because the evil "old One" is about to kill us all....or maybe he is just about to sneeze...I forgot... The game is great fun and takes about 5 - 7 hours to play. If you want a list of Lovecraft inspired popular culture, look at this link of Wikipedia.

Let me tell you also, what is keeping me alive. Stuff like THIS:
I changend room with my roomate and I like it much better now: The new rrom is bigger, and on the north side of the builing. Im a freaking vampire! I love having a dark room!!! A love it! And, by the way, the construction work noise is not as bad as I axpected. So literally: Much ado about nothing! Below: My new room.

here another result of my Diploma-project. Its a street scene in my fictional city - a perverted city, with strange, Lovecraftian creatures and unbelievable, weird building! There are a lot more results but I want to finish the whole thing before I show much more.